Vixen - Face Moisturiser - Geranium
Vixen - Face Moisturiser - Geranium

Vixen - Face Moisturiser - Geranium

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Feel like a Vixen! With this rejuvenating blend of
anti-aging & restorative oil's.
Will leave your skin feeling soft, silky & alluring...
Whoot Whoo
Helps stimulate collagen production
Reduces the appearance of skin redness
Improves the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines
Helps against skin conditions
Deeply hydrating - improves skin elasticity
Helps with Cradle Cap, Baby acne & Nappy Rash
Naturally deodorized Coconut Oil, Organic Avocado Oil, Organic Calendula
infused in Organic Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil, Organic Hemp Seed Oil,
Natural Vitamin E, Geranium Essential Oil
Apply as Needed
Please keep this product out of direct sunlight.
Maintain product by keeping under 16 degrees.
Will go soft at 18 degrees.
Will melt at 22 degrees.
If this does melt no biggie just use it like a Moisturizer Bar