Warm Fuzzies - Good Vibes spray
Warm Fuzzies - Good Vibes spray
Warm Fuzzies - Good Vibes spray

Warm Fuzzies - Good Vibes spray

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Clear the air. Reboot your day. Tune into your good sweeter self and put the happiness back into your sacred space.
Use when you are feeling...
irritable, grumpy, under pressure, threatened, brain fogged, flat, depressed, anxious, hopelessness and overwhelmed with daily life
When you want to...
Put a spring back in your step. Clean your thought patterns. Participate in life again. Clear unnecessary distractions. Put happiness back into your home or work space. Get back into a state of balance, peace and harmony. Move on a negative mood. Protect your health. Improve memory and stimulate the brain. Balance and protect yourself and aura field.
Ideal for...
people needing to clear the air, focus on the task at hand, balance the nervous system, restore health.
Also good to use after an argument or any illness, before and after a yoga or healing session, before and after work or being in crowded situations, when moving into a new home, 2nd handing, before meditation.
Healing Rosewater, Spearmint essential oil, Ho wood essential oil,
Sage essential oil, Vibrational Essences.
These ingredients are amplified by Amethyst, Tourmaline, Mookaite and Clear Quartz crystals embraced in bottle.
Shake well before each use. Close your eyes and spray the bitch away.
Use on yourself, spaces and objects.